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29 May 2012 @ 05:30 pm
Meditation - Shine a Little Light.  
You walk at dusk on a cool spring evening, carryng a blanket and a flashlight.

You come to open ground, where you can clearly see the sky above.  Spreading out the blanket, you lie down.  As the sun makes its exit, the stars come out on a moonless night and twinkle brightly.

You feel the light that shines within you, that divine spark in your core, vibrate.  It seeks to join the stars in the sky.  The light expands until it fills you completely, and then you lift from your physical form and up into the night.

As you rise, you see other lightbeings joining you, drawn by the same desire.

Though the night had once seemed dark, it now glows with the light from all of you, each its own star.  But even one is enough to banish the darkness.  Your ability to shine your light gives you the power to reach others, to make their world less dark, to guide them towards their own divinity.

You feel that connection with your higher self, and with the stars.  Truly, you are star children; the elements that make up your physical form are only made by the explosions of great stars.  Both within and without, your beingness is entwined with theirs.

Eventually your form draws you back, and you return to your body on the blanket.  As you settle inside it, you can still feel the warmth of your light shining within you.  You rise, pick up the blanket, and make your way home, the flashlight an extension of that glow you carry with you wherever you go.
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