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28 February 2012 @ 02:40 pm
Not the best weekend.  
I've been reading all of your posts out there in LJ Land, and not saying a lot myself.  Here's a catch-up; it's got both good and bad bits.

The Good:

1.  I have new custom orthotics for my shoes, and it seems to be making my cranky knee happier.

2.  One of my doctors thought that my general malaise might be due to adrenal fatigue, and gave me some Drenamin to take.  It has made a huge difference.  No longer am I falling asleep at work or after work, but I am tired at a more appropriate hour at night.

3.  Internet still wonky, but I have a tech coming tomorrow morning to sort it out.

4.  I think I have all the materials I need for the things I want to get done before Costume-Con.

5.  I found a missing family recipe, and immediately made up a batch of it.

The Bad and Ugly:

1.  I spent the weekend with a head cold.

2.  Our department is getting mucked about with as part of company restructuring.  The bottom line is we have to move our office and we get an overall supervisor whom we have had in the past and dislike intensely.  I am hoping this is not a train wreck.

3.  My car was t-boned on Saturday.  It was my fault.  I have a ticket to pay.  My car is drivable, but totaled by the insurance company.  I really don't have the cash for a car payment at this time.  I am bruised and sore.
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