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11 January 2012 @ 04:01 pm
And some folks think I have all sorts of down time at work.  

Dear cow orker who wants to know why I haven't done something that we discussed in a meeting:

1.  The meeting was the day before we went on holiday break;
2.  When I got back, I had a short week in which to do payroll;
3.  This week has been filled with billing and reporting;
4.  Tomorrow is probably the only available time I have to do the quarterly report you get so antsy about having, because -
5.  Next week is again a short week for doing payroll, followed by another week like this week, and -
6.  Did I mention that MY BOSS (which you are not) wants her people to find time amongst everything else to help her with the quarterly and YEAR END taxes, AND the W-2s?  All of which has to happen before the 31st?

Then you have the nerve to say I was a bit snippy to you?  You should be glad that's ALL I was.

No love,

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