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28 November 2011 @ 01:42 am
Turkey and an unexpected trimming.  
Full house for Thanksgiving this year.  Made a tandoori-spiced turkey, which makes a lovely gravy.

Couldn't winnow down the pies to just two, so I made 3:  chocolate pumpkin pie (which is the first pumpkin pie I've ever liked), eggnog pie (which had more filling than the crust could hold, so I chilled the rest in a bowl; I was told it was better than whipped cream as a topping), and cider pie.

But oh, that darn pumpkin pie.  That was the first thing I started that day (I needed to get all the pies done before the turkey took over the oven).  The can opener had trouble opening the can of pumpkin, leaving 2 small bits intact.  So dummy me pressed on one side of the lid to get it to pop up so I could extract the pumpkin.

It did.  Rapidly.  And I pressed my thumb straight down on the (now vertical) lid.  And there was much swearing and gnashing of teeth.  Happy Mercury retrograde to me!

After several minutes under the cold water and a one-handed bandage job, I was back in business.  When people started showing up several hours later, the first thing that happened was me having my ex put on a fresh bandage.

Tonight, I've changed the bandage again.  It only hurts now if there is direct pressure on the wound, and it seems to be healing without incident, although there is some bruising.

I ended up with more booze than I started with - and we drank our fair share.  Hooray!
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