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09 November 2011 @ 01:27 am
Meditation - Spiritual Bread and Wine.  
You walk into a clearing.  IN the center you see a natural formation serving as an altar.

On the altar are two hemispheric bowls.  You look into the first bowl and see it contains grains of wheat.

You feel the sun's light and heat pouring down on you, and its energy runs down one of the kundalini paths to the base of the spine, warming you and filling you with its light.

When you look back into the first bowl, the wheat is gone, replaced by a small loaf of bread.  You eat the bread, incorporating it inside you.

The sun has now set, and a full moon shines in the sky.  You look into the second bowl.  It contains golden grapes and honey.

The moon's reflected light serves as the feminine counterpoint to the sun's masculine energy.  In the bowl, the grapes and honey have been transformed into a clear amber liquid, which you drink.  the energy flowing down the other kundalini path to rest at the base of the spine.

It is now near sunrise.  The moon is setting as the sun comes up, and as it does, energy begins to move up your chakras.

First, the root, giving you a strong foundation for the change to come.
Next, the sacral chakra, where you create the person you wish to become.
The solar plexus, where you focus your will towards your goal.
To the heart, infusing the energy with your passion.
The throat, speaking your truth.
The third eye, seeing the final manifestation of your new, higher self.
Finally the crown chakra, where the energy flows outward to fill your entire auric field, surrounding you like the pupa around the caterpillar.

Slowly you bring the energy back down the central column.  As you do so, the auric field clears.  When you feel the energy set back at the base of your spine, you open your eyes and behold yourself at your new, higher energetic level.
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Isisisis_lives on November 9th, 2011 03:55 pm (UTC)
Sweet. Thank you.